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Fishing Report - The Animas River

July 07, 2019

It's looking like the Animas is starting to finish up with runoff soon. The river is slowly dropping everyday, and the clarity is improving as well. Streamers and nymph rigs are going to be the way to go, focus on all of the soft water along the banks. We should start to see some Caddis coming off soon, and hopper-dropper season is right around the corner!


Galloup's Dungeon2Black
Home Invader2Black
Sparkle Minnow2Flash
Girdle Bug4-10Black/Coffee
Devil Jig14-16Black/Gold/Green

As of: July 21, 2019

Animas at Durango
2080 cfs

Previous Reports

June 14, 2019

On June 9th the mighty Animas reached 7000cfs and seems to have peaked, at least for the moment. Ever since that day it has been hovering around 6500cfs. It's hard to say what will happen in the coming weeks but we are not experiencing the upward trend in flows. The snow-pack statewide was somewhere around 500% of normal for this time of year and 1300% in the San Juan Basin. We could very well see another peak above 7000 cfs, but it will all depend on the weather patterns. For now, go rafting! If you're feeling lucky work the banks and slack water!


Sex Dungeon4Black, White
Girdle Bug8Coffee Black

April 23, 2019

River is running quick and dirty. Get your whitewater toys out and get after it! It is going to be a big water year, be careful out there and have fun! Fishing conditions are poor.


Meat Whistle4Black, Olive
Articulated Cheech Leech4Red/Black, Olive, Cowboy

April 12, 2019

The Animas is having some early snow melt and is muddy, but short opening may occur. During this time of year the river will fluctuate in flow (CFS) and color. When we experience warm weather and river swells and becomes dark chocolate, with little fishing opportunities. If a storm rolls in and Purgatory Resort get snow along with freezing temps, the river drops, sometimes significantly, and water clarity can improve. This is the short window to try and fish. Streamers and large nymphs fished along the bank can be surprisingly productive.


Gallups Tips Up4Black, White, Yellow
Near Enough Sculpin4-8Natural, Olive
Pat's Rubber Legs8-12Coffee, Yellow
Prince Nymphs10-14Natural

March 29, 2019

The Animas River is starting to see spring runoff conditions. The water clarity has deteriorated and waters temps have dropped. Over the next few months the conditions will fluctuate with the weather, but a few angling opportunities might be possible. If water clarity improves, there might be a short window to test the waters by fishing streamers. Post runoff at the end of June or first part of July will be the next best opportunity to fish the mighty Animas. Until then, be patient!


Gallops Sex Dungeon 4Black, White, Olive
Sculpito 2Tan, Olive
Cheech Leech4Red/black, Cowboy

February 26, 2019

The fishing has been fairly slow but fish are being caught. The water is picking up color in the afternoons due to low elevation snow melt.

Water temps have been cold so the fish are lethargic and aren't moving much. Streamer fishing has been fairly steady with a few quality fish coming to net. Slumpbusters, conehead mudders, and articulated dungeons. Nymphing caddis larva and pheasant tails are producing.


Caddis Larva14-18Olive
Pheasant Tail14-18Brown
Slump Buster8Rust, Black
Conehead Muddler6White